The estimates for Ruritania, among others, have changed since the previous version. Why is that?


There are two reasons why estimates change from one version of the PGE to the next. The first reason is that we have incorporated new source survey data for the country. Adding more source data for a country, particularly when previously available data was very scant, holds the potential that the estimates will change.

The second, less obvious, reason for changes is the availability of more source data for other countries. The PGE estimates of public gender egalitarianism depend on the DCPO routine’s estimates of the difficulty and dispersion of each survey item. When additional data is added for a given survey item (or, in fact, for other survey items in overlapping country-years), its difficulty and dispersion estimates may change see Woo, Goldberg, and Solt 2022, in turn influencing the PGE estimates based on responses to this survey item. This means that, given the scarcity of data on Ruritania, more data can lead to substantial changes in the PGE estimates for Ruritania.